Episode 20
10 Mar 2016
Benson and V meet for her probationary review. It's not just her life on the line.
Episode 19
3 Mar 2016
In Episode 19: V and her team find unexpected support from a Sixth Floor lifer. V makes a deep connection with her father.
Episode 18
25 Feb 2016
In Episode 18: The Sixth Floor is on high alert. Old friends are reconnected over V's efforts to save her own tribe.
Episode 17
11 Feb 2016
In Episode 17: When Will meddles with V's family, V turns again to Shane for support. Andrew brings upsetting news.
Episode 16
4 Feb 2016
In Episode 16: Things are finally coming together.  V gets her stride. Will a surprise appearance tear it all down again?
Episode 15
28 Jan 2016
In Episode 15: Andrew does a little digging of his own, and we learn why Jenna isn't a Fixer. V's third assignment takes ...
Episode 14
21 Jan 2016
In Episode 14: Shane meets the other man in V's life. A new token launches the third and final assignment of V's probation ...
Episode 13
14 Jan 2016
In Episode 13: When her second assignment takes an unexpected turn, V makes a decision that could break the timeline.
Episode 12
14 Jan 2016
In Episode 12: V hears Will's appeal, and watches one of her own personal connections fall apart.
Episode 11
6 Jan 2016
In Episode 11: V's sharp-eyed tattoo mentor comes to the rescue and leads V to a meeting in a dark alley with an ...
Episode 10
5 Jan 2016
Episode 10: Oh, Jenna and your little handbook! V continues to work her assignment her own way, but with troubling results.
Episode 9
5 Jan 2016
In Episode 9: V gets it in her mind to take on a job back in real life. Busy times as V is ...
Episode 8
5 Jan 2016
In Episode 8: V makes a connection, and marks her assignment by adding to her "collection."
Episode 7
5 Jan 2016
In Episode 7: V's first assignment is raising a lot of questions. Benson agrees to answer ONE, and the answer is surprising.
Episode 6
5 Jan 2016
In Episode 6: Things get a little crazy and then a little cozy after some wine. V gets insipration to crack the code ...
Episode 5
5 Jan 2016
In Episode 5: V settles in to her not-so-spacious space at The Sixth Floor. V and her sister Penny are visited by a ...
Episode 4
5 Jan 2016
In Episode 4: Back in real life, V gets her first assignment token from her mentor, and it's uncomfortably close to home.
Episode 3
5 Jan 2016
In Episode 3: V prepares to say goodbye, and has an 11th hour change of heart.
Episode 2
5 Jan 2016
In Episode 2: Sixth Floor employees Andrew and Jenna give V the low-down on her new afterlife.
Episode 1
2 Jan 2016
In Episode 1: Directionless, quirky 20-something V Morgan dies and arrives on The Sixth Floor. Where she ends is where her story begins.
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