Life List – by Steve Patterson

A Life List is a…wait for it, LIST of promises you make to yourself. Because as selfish as it sounds, the person you are most likely to keep a promise you made to is you.

What should you put on YOUR Life List? I have no idea. It’s your life.

But here’s the “top 10” things people put on their Life Lists according to the website

  1. Become a Parent
  2. Volunteer time
  3. Fall in Love
  4. Serve my country
  5. Find dream job
  6. Explore Spiritual beliefs
  7. Be physically fit and healthy
  8. Start own business
  9. Buy first home
  10. Go to College

Note: these are not in any logical order.

For instance, some choose to find a person to fall in love with BEFORE becoming a parent. Then that person can share in the becoming a parent part (and the cost of said parenting).

Also, becoming “physically fit and healthy” can come in handy when trying to attract a person to fall in love with. Or at least in having the energy to be attracted to them.

The most important thing is, whatever you want to include…WRITE IT DOWN!

Why? Because according to noted Neuroscientist Dan Levitin, []

“list making takes mental juggling out of the picture and allows you to become immersed in whatever activity you’re tackling”. So if you DON’T make lists, you basically don’t believe in science.

The other most important thing is: MAKE YOUR LIFE LIST RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait until you have little to no chance of accomplishing the things you want to do. You may have heard this referred to as a ‘mid-life crisis’, usually symbolized by old men in new cars trying to attract young women.

You know how to avoid a mid-life crisis? Simple. Have a quarter-life crisis.

If you’re in your twenties this is the perfect time to make your Life List.

Don’t say you’ll do it “someday”, make someday today.

Maybe it’s a trip somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit, or a course in something you’ve always wanted to learn. Or maybe it’s a leap directly into something you know you’re meant to be doing. Like say…becoming a famous comedian?

In 1985, at the age of 19, Canadian comedian Jim Carrey wrote himself a $10 million cheque [] and dated it 10 years into the future.  This, at a time when he had virtually no money whatsoever. Once 10 years had passed, he had more than enough to cover it!

“So… am I suggesting that if you write “Make $10 million in 10 years” on your Life List it will magically happen?

No I am not. (But wouldn’t it be awesome if it did?)”

But writing down promises to yourself increases your chances of achieving them by…a LOT.

So go ahead and write that Life List of your someday*.

*- by “someday” I mean today.